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Comprehensive and actionable online video analytics

  • check Detect trending topics in real time Your most popular online video content can help you grow your audience and boost your campaigns – but only if identified early.
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  • check Capture engagement for every video Whether self-hosted or embeds, such as YouTube, we have you covered. We won’t tie you to any given platform, providing a unified view.
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  • check Receive immediate alerts for broken videos Broken videos disrupt user experience and may cause your viewers to look for content elsewhere. Thus, we keep you updated with real-time alerts.
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Recommendation-based content recirculation

  • check Deliver recommendation endscreens seamlessly No matter the video player, we offer a unified endscreen experience to recirculate traffic from your online video content.
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  • check Guide up to 29% more users from video to important content Pin videos of your choosing and make sure your viewers don’t miss out on content you’re eager to share with them.
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  • check Automate content recommendations Our intelligent recommendation algorithms will populate endscreens with targeted content that is relevant, timely and popular.
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Cross-platform support

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Capture engagement for every video

Just like every user, every video is different. With Vidpulse, you can monitor just how your users interact with each video. Vidpulse tracks a wealth of different metrics that deliver a thorough and complete perspective on audience engagement.

Moreover, you will gain the same insights no matter the player or the platform. We support a plethora of hosting platforms, ranging from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion or even self-hosted videos.

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Receive immediate alerts for broken videos

Our mission is to keep your users watching your content. Broken videos can range from a missed opportunity to engage users, to downright embarrassing for your site and your brand.

Vidpulse guarantees that you’ll stay on top of your content with real-time alerts that help you react quickly to videos that are down.

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Deliver recommendation endscreens seamlessy

At Vidpulse, we believe in helping our clients deliver a smooth user experience that is rich and transformative.

Vidpulse integrates its content recommendations naturally in the user’s journey via endscreens that work on every player, and offers options for user-defined and automated recommendations.

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Guide up to 29% more users from video to important content

Recommendation endscreens are perfect opportunities to introduce your users to content you want them to visit.

You can promote your latest trending videos, lead them to a new section of your site or promote the best of your branded content. With Vidpulse’s pinned recommendations, the choice really is yours.

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Automate content recommendations

While you want your users to see content that is relevant and exciting to them, you don’t have time to manually pick suggestions for every one of your online videos.

This is why we’ve put Vidpulse’s machine learning algorithms hard at work, so that your users receive suggestions that are reliable, make sense and keep them engaged with both your content and your brand.

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Vidpulse analytics uncovered online video consumption habits related to both our embeds and self-hosted videos. This helped us to increase audience retention by 26%.

format_quote - Dimitris Vassos, Head of Audience Development at Huffington Post Greece

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